Safety Guy

This looks dangerous as hell - is it safe?

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Except for the Amusement Industry, all our products are intended to improve safety which they demonstrably do. All our products are improvements to safety so this page is intended for the Amusement Industry.


Most of our Aktion AttaktioNZ products are absolutely safe and some carry a minor risk of injury. For instance, we have had the Jungle SwingZ in our park since we started in 2005 and we have not had even a grazed knee. But we have a wide range of products and some have caused injury. With this kind of Adventure Amusement there is always a certain amount of risk and even then the only injuries we have as a rule are injuries to ankles. In normal operations we have never had a serious injury with any of our products.

Ankles are easily injured. Just think about the fact that you can be walking down the road and just stepping badly on a pebble can result in a severely twisted ankle. It is safer to land on your head in an Action World park than landing on your feet!

We have signs in our park that instruct people not to land on their feet but instinct takes over in moments of fear and instructions are forgotten. So many jump on their feet and in the vast majority of cases this is not a problem. But when an overweight, unfit person lands on their feet from a height, there is the risk of twisting or breaking so it can be said that those of our products where landing on one’s feet is easily done poses some risk.

But to put is in perspective - even the riskiest Aktion AttraktionZ are not as prone to accidents as trampolines and ice skating.


Our airbags have won international acclaim for design. Every year there are competitions in New Zealand and internationally and the airbags for both the Trap-Eze rig and the X-treme Slide have won first prize at the competition held by the OUTDOOR FABRIC PRODUCERS ASSOC. OF NEW ZEALAND.

Even better though, both those airbags have won the "Award of Excellence" at the INDUSTRIAL FABRIC ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL. For nearly 60 years, the International Achievement Awards have recognised design and technological innovation and excellence in the specialty fabrics industry throughout the world. The airbags were competing against 348 entries from companies in 13 countries. Entries in 27 categories were judged by a diverse panel of industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals who were selected for their knowledge of the particular category of competition. Judging was based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function.

And then of course Aktion AttraktionZ won FIRST PLACE at IAAPA in Orlando, Florida in 2007 for ‘BEST NEW PRODUCT.’


Almost all the ‘games’ produced by Aktion AttraktionZ are unique, ‘world first’ activities for the simple reason that, until now, there did not exist a transportable, soft landing system that enabled these activities to exist. Freddy Osler invented such a system, this being the uniquely patented airbag design. What is obvious from the outside is what the tubes offer a 'crumple' effect which absorbs impact exactly like a shock absorber. What is not obvious is the internal workings of the tube system. You see - if the tubes were simply open at the bottom they would collapse too fast and offer very little protection. It took many experimental versions of the bag as you see it today to come up with a design that allows the tubes to collapse at just the right speed to offer maximum protection.