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We are still at the outset of our franchising business and only have two running at the moment - the first in Johannesburg, South Africa and the second in Taupo, New Zealand. On this page we will be reporting on the progress of every franchise after one year of operation and the first to reach that mark is Jozi X in South Africa:

South Africa: Jozi X

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Location: Johannesburg

Jozi X is an interesting concept as it caters to the whole market from family to teenagers. No - the two don’t normally mix but Jozi X makes it happen!

They have just passed the first-year mark and business is better than expected. This is a communication from Marco at the first anniversary:

Thanks for the mail. It is a good time to reflect on what we have achieved over the past year, and a good time to look at our future plans!

Regarding your questions - the business has exceeded our expectations. It grew in popularity much quicker than expected and we have done minimal amounts of advertising. Our birthday bookings are incredible (with some people booking 4 months in advance) and we are receiving a lot of inquiries for year-end functions and team building which we have sent proposals out for and hopefully those will come through. We still rely on our weekend trade and have also learnt that during school holidays we are quiet due to our location.

The back-up from you and Carol has been great although I think the time you spent with us during set-up was the most valuable. It made it quite easy for us to get on with running and maintaining the park. The equipment is very easy from a management and repairs point of view.

We are definitely still interested in expanding Action World in SA and have recently made the decision not to spend any more money developing JoziX but rather saving profits now, to open another park. Nikki and I went to Cape Town 2 weeks ago for the weekend and were looking at possible locations for a park. Cape Town however, has different challenges to JHB, especially the rain in Winter and the wind in Summer. We were even thinking that Action World in Cape Town needs to be indoors and have looked at aircraft hangers but a lot of thought (and money) will need to be spent on marketing. We are very keen to rather open the next park in the East of Jhb (Boksburg area) where there is definitely a market and land. It will also be easier to manage a second park 30 minutes away and get everything sorted out so that all the systems are in place for the third park to be opened further away (like Cape Town.) We are also training our permanent staff in the hope that they will be able to run the next park which will mean a manager who already has experience.

We have no idea on the time frame however, we are in the process of doing the financials for the last year and forecasts for the coming year so that we can have a set goal and estimated timeline to open the next park. With one year down, we are aiming at opening the next park in the next year to stick with our original goal of 1 park a year but will get back to you with a more accurate timeline once our financials are done.

In summary, we love our park and it has changed our lives for the better!

The web site is www.jozix.co.za and Marco would be happy to talk to anyone interested in acquiring a franchise.