Action World Franchise

Why should you buy an Action World Franchise?

You can either buy our products outright and pay the retail price or you can buy a Franchise and pay the factory price. The best locations for a Franchise are those countries where none of our products exist. If the conditions are right then we can designate that country as a ‘Franchise Only’ country meaning that no one can ever buy our products in that country without being given an allocated territory. This means that you are forever protected from competition.

If you are interested in establishing your own Action World Franchise, we will assist you in every way:

LOCATION: We will help you find the ideal location. We will describe the ideal location for a park based on many years of experience with touring shows and also opening our Action World park in Paihia. We will also advise on the suitability of the site once you have found one.

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DESIGN: Using a Google Map of the site we will help you design your park. We will place scaled images of our rides on your site as per the proposed park shown here on the right. We have the experience to design the park so as to use a minimum of staff as this is the most expensive part of your operation. We will then communicate with you and change the design to your specifications until we have it exactly right.

INSTALL: Much of the equipment is simply plug-in-and-play. If it is a large order with complicated apparatus, Freddy Osler will personally be present to help you do the install of all the rides.

STAFF TRAINING: Staff training will take place at the same time as the install. There is no great skill involved in operating any of the rides except the Trap-Eze which takes 4-7 days of training depending the skill level of the staff.

What makes an Action World Franchise so great?

As we screamed on the Home Page — There are enough of our products to create an entire theme park and the extremely low cost of such a park means that it is possible to establish an Action World theme park in cities and towns that are too small to support a traditional theme park. Many such locations have been filled up with water slides, climbing walls, ropes courses and such but NONE of these compares to an Action World park for sheer attraction.


Our products are unique, patented and extremely difficult to copy. There is only one factory in the world with the necessary knowledge to manufacture our products and therefore we are able to offer you a totally new product for your target market with very little chance of competition... EVER!

We have now been operating our Action World park in New Zealand for four and a half years and we have increased our profits every single year. The reason for that is that children LOVE our rides. There are certain ‘evergreen’ activities that children will never tire of. These include water slides and climbing trees or the modern equivalent of that and our Aktion AttraktionZ range of products absolutely hits the target.


There are enough products in our range to build an entire theme park and you have a variety of themes to choose from but our two favorites are:

ACTION WORLD: So far all the parks that have opened using our products have used this theme. It is a theme that people instantly understand and in our world of obesity and questionable fitness levels among our youth - this is something that parents and teachers are very supportive of (see ‘SCHOOL GROUPS’ below).

CIRCUS WORLD: Circuses are always a popular theme with children and — since many of our products are derived from circus skills — a circus theme is a natural. Staff can dress up in circus costumes of some sort (clowns?) and the shade marquees can be made to look like circus tents. Food and beverage can be heavily themed along circus lines and allows the inclusion of circus favorites like candy floss and candy apples.

Where can you see an Action World Park?

If you are interested in seeing any of our parks - we will gladly arrange for an introduction to any of the parks below. Of the list below - only Action World Taupo and Jozi X Johannesburg are franchises. The third franchise is scheduled to open in Auckland, New Zealand by the end of 2010.

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What is the Target Market for an Action World Park?

The market for an Action World Park can vary:

THE FAMILY MARKET: For most parks this will be the main market. Children between the ages of 5-12 are the most enthralled with the rides and parents LOVE watching their children participate and develop their motor skills. The ideal park for this market would include a BBQ area so that it becomes a full day out for the whole family.

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THE SCHOOL MARKET:  Action World can be called ‘The Amusement Park for the Current Age.’ The reason for that is that – as opposed to normal amusement parks where you simply sit on a chair and get taken for a ride – every single one of our ‘rides’ (parentheses used because ours are the antithesis of a ‘ride’) requires the participant to either expend energy or learn motor skills or both. On top of that there is an automatic team-building atmosphere as kids encourage their less courageous friends as they almost inevitably freeze on the platform of whatever ride they are about to attempt. The result of this is that teachers love us and schools need only to be made aware of the exsistence of an Action World park for a large percentage of them to not only rush in with bookings but to keep on coming back year after year. 

THE ADVENTURE MARKET: If it is marketed correctly then the Backpacker/Adventure market works very well. This was proved recently when Coca Cola contracted Aktion AttraktionZ to create a ‘COCA COLA LAUNCH PAD’ as a promotional tool to launch their new ‘HAPPINESS’ marketing campaign in Australia.

The tour covered the major cities of Australia and proved to be the most successful promotional tour that Coca Cola have ever implemented with large crowds wherever they went.

There were three rides (Super Swing; Trampoline JumpZ and Slam Dunk) which were all accessed by entering the Coca Cola bottle from the front and climbing up stairs to the individual rides.

THE SMALL CHILDREN MARKET: Aktion AttraktionZ will soon launch a range of products specifically targeted at small children 5 years old and under. These rides will be extremely easy to erect and will be guaranteed safe for little children.