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Rapid Eva X

Humans often find themselves in mortal danger in high places, most often in fires in high rise buildings. The most-used method of rescue currently is the fireman's truck-mounted ladder which can reach up to certain heights but the process is slow. It takes many minutes for a single person to be rescued from a fire in a high-rise building during which time others are at serious peril. And both the fire fighter and the person being rescued in this manner are in danger as seen in one of the video clips below. Some fire services are starting to use air bags for evacuation but, as demonstrated below, these are very primitive.

The Rapid EvaX System: We have developed a patented design for an air bag that constitutes a method of rescue that will revolutionise many aspects of rescue from high places. This is the Rapid EvaX system. The basic principle of the technology is demonstrated in the following You Tube clip which shows a jump from the top of an 8.5m (28ft) structure.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a small bag designed for this purpose and the design is able to be scaled to any proportion. The patented design is shown here: