Amusement Industry

Aktion AttraktioNZ is the epitomy of action inflatable games and interactive inflatable games making this the ultimate home for all types of adventure inflatable games:

ACTION INFLATABLE GAMES: The Trap-Eze surely has to be the ultimale action inflatable game! There is nothing else on earth in the field of inflatables that offers as much of a thrill as this

INTERACTIVE INFLATABLE GAMES:  The Battle Zone would therefore be the ultimate in interactive inflatable games. Throughout history a jousting log in one form or another has provided entertainment and now for the first time you have both the thrill of battling up high and the safety of falling in our Krush KushioNZ.

The Trap-EZE is the ultimate in thrill and challenge and therefore surely the ultimate action inflatable game! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some and a must-do-that-again experience for... read more
This is the Great Equaliser. For those kids and adults who do not do all that well on the acrobatic stuff like the Trap-EZE and the Tarzan SwingZ - this is where they can shine! This is very often... read more
It’s exactly the same high wire as they use in the  circus except we use a rope instead of a wire. At 4m (13ft) high, the participant’s head is something like 5.5m (18ft) off the ground which is... read more
THIS IS IT! The highest, fastest, scariest Inflatable Slide in the World!...And you get air!! This is the slide that every kid in the world has wanted to slide on but  never could  because... read more
The concept is something like a diving board suspended  from two points overhead so that - when it swings - the board stays horizontal to the  ground. You may have seen this apparatus used... read more
The Jungle Swingz come in two models: The Jungle SwingZ for kids and the Super Jungle SwingZ for adults. But that does not mean that they cannot interchange. Action World in New Zealand has run the... read more
This is not a new idea, of course. You have seen many ‘Jacob’s Ladders’ at fun fairs before. But this is the only one in the world where people can climb 6.2m (20’) to try to ring the bell! And the... read more
Yes, there are climbing walls in every corner of the world but there is no climbing wall like this one! The Free Klimb is of course the very first climbing wall in the history of the world where you... read more
The Mini Free Klimb works exactly the same as the full size version but it has only one climbing surface and is one metre lower which is targeted at a younger market. Of course this size is just our... read more
This is a trapeze swing but it is smaller than the Trap-Eze overall with a much smaller footprint. It works especially well for the little ones when all they want to do is swing and land in the big... read more
This is a combination unit - you get two rides for the price of one. On the one side is a platform from which participants jump and do flips into a very soft bag and the on the other side is a slide... read more
You jump from a small platform onto a small trampoline and then you try to launch yourself high enough to hit the ball. It takes a couple of practices to get the jump right and not buckle the knees. read more
Just like a real Sumo Ring but on this one when you get pushed out of the ring you fall a lot further! Another one for those kids and adults who do not do all that well on the acrobatic stuff like... read more
Zip Lines (flying Foxes) have always been popular but they can cause injury when you fall off before getting to the end and even the stop at the end can be dangerous if you get knocked off or out of... read more