About Us

Carol & Freddy Osler-Weppenaar were both born in South Africa and trained there in the art of flying trapeze.

As the Flying Oslers they performed in five Royal Command Performances (2 x British; Spain; Sweden and Monaco) and won the Circus World Championships in London in 1978.

During the course of his career Freddy had broken 9 bones in his body on separate occasions and there was the genesis of an idea: he had always tried to imagine a method for safer landing than the hopelessly misnamed 'safety net' of the flying trapeze which was nothing more than a giant trampoline and everyone knows how badly one can be injured on one of those - especially when falling from a height of 11 metres! And if he could invent something like that, then members of the public could participate on the high trapeze and surely that would be an attraction that could constitute a business?

So experimentation began in 2003 to develop a continuous-inflated landing bag that would be safer than anything else in existence. Freddy tested the experimental units by diving from the 2nd story balcony at the factory in Levin in New Zealand and – because the early versions were failures – frequently winded himself badly. But finally success was achieved and the resulting bag was so successful that it was soon realised that it enabled a host of other activities, many of them circus disciplines such as high wire, etc.

And thus Aktion AttraktioNZ was born…

(PS: The NZ at the end of the name obviously stands for New Zealand!)